My research interest revolves around the historical formation of the global food system, the politics underlying sociotechnical innovations, and the cultural-scientific construction of dietary knowledge. Currently, I am working on my dissertation research, which compares five distinct types of agricultural innovations for malnutrition in the Philippines. Aside from my dissertation project, my other research interests include the emergence the policy-making and practices regarding nutrition-agriculture linkage in the international development field, the “Responsible Research and Innovation” (RRI) framework, alternative food movements in the global South, critical food and nutrition studies, quantitative analysis with time use data, politics of rural-urban divide, and science and politics of quantification and metrics.


Publication by Research Focus

1) Dynamics Between the Global Food System and Dietary Health

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2) Alternative Food Movement in the Global South

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3) Innovation & Solutionism

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4) Critical Studies of Dietary Health

“Constructing ‘Wholefood’ as ‘Superfood’- The Practice of Living Food Diet In Taiwan,” presented at the Critical Approaches to Superfoods workshop (CATS), Indiana University Bloomington, March 21-23, 2019.

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5) Agrifood Issues in the U.S.

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