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吃糙米,全民有責! — 在全球化發展史中沒落與興起的菲律賓糙米飲食





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Although Taiwan and the Philippines are close neighbors geographically, people in Taiwan do not pay much attention to Philippine society historically and have a very limited understanding of the Philippines in general. As a result, news media usually do not cover what happens in the Philippines. Most of the time, when the Taiwanese media do report news about the Philippines, they are either about the Oversea Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Taiwan or the conflicts regarding the territory and fishing right in the ocean area between these two countries.

With the intention to enrich Taiwanese people’s understanding of the Philippines and keep myself updated on what is going on in the Philippines, since December 2018, I have maintained a Facebook Page in Chinese introducing different aspects of the Philippines to Taiwanese people.